About Dulcé

Dulcé was founded in 2015 by Safiya Abdallah. Safiya's brand began with her observing the Hijab and not finding quality modest fashion options. Her vision was always to create luxury minimal designs for the everyday chic sophisticated woman, which have developed further into incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable textiles and packaging into her brand, during a time when the world was forced to recognize their carbon footprint and its consequences in lockdown.

Her passion for expression through fashion has always been engrained from a young age, although career wise her fashion experience began at the age of 20 at Bloomingdales in Southern California. She always had an eye for fashion.which is why naturally when she embarked on her journey to observe the headscarf she knew she had to fill the gap in the modest fashion market for Luxury Minimal designs. Dulcé has evolved in many ways since the start as fashion is ever-changing, yet what remains is timeless classics that have been Dulcé staples from the start.Dulcé is a small brand with big dreams each purchase not only supports this female run business, it empowers other females to fulfill theirs too.

Email: Dulcebysafiya@gmail.com